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    Losing a loved one is a heart-wrenching experience that can leave us feeling overwhelmed with grief. In the midst of this pain, finding meaningful ways to honour their memory becomes a source of comfort. And one option that holds both beauty and significance is wearing an urn necklace. This small piece of jewellery holds a world of emotions within, as it carries a small portion of cremation ashes or other precious mementoes of the departed.

    In this guide, we will embark on a journey to explore the captivating world of urn necklaces, delving into their rich history, the various types available, how to choose the perfect one that resonates with you, and some best recommendations for urn necklaces

    History of URN Necklaces

    The tradition of keeping a cherished remembrance of a loved one close to our hearts spans centuries and cultures, a testament to the enduring power of love. In ancient times, people carried a lock of hair, a tiny photo, or a treasured object belonging to the deceased as a way to keep their memory alive. As time passed, this practice evolved into the creation of urn necklaces, exquisitely crafted pieces of jewellery that are designed to hold a small portion of ashes or other precious keepsakes.

    Types of URN Necklaces

    Urns necklaces come in a dazzling array of styles, materials, and designs, each one as unique as the individual it represents. From classic to contemporary, there is a type of urn necklace for every heart. Here are some of the most common types that you can choose from:

    Pendant URN Necklaces

    The epitome of elegance and versatility, pendant urn necklaces are the most popular choice. Featuring a stunning pendant that can be filled with ashes or other mementoes, they come in various shapes like hearts, crosses, angels, flowers, and more, and are typically worn on a delicate chain that rests close to your heart, keeping your loved one always near.

    Locket URN Necklaces

    Lockets have always held a special place in our hearts, and locket urn necklaces are no exception. These exquisite pieces boast a small compartment that opens to reveal a space where ashes or other keepsakes can be lovingly placed. With a decorative cover that can be customized with engravings or gemstones, locket urn necklaces become a treasure trove of cherished memories that you can hold close to your heart.

    Cylinder URN Necklaces

    Sleek, stylish, and contemporary, cylinder urn necklaces are a modern masterpiece. Made usually from metal, these cylindrical pieces can be filled with ashes, a lock of hair, or other precious mementoes. Their minimalist design makes a bold statement, and they can be worn on a chain or a leather cord, reflecting your unique sense of style.

    Glass URN Necklaces

    For those who appreciate artistry and craftsmanship, glass urn necklaces are a true marvel. Featuring a small glass chamber that can hold ashes or other keepsakes, these necklaces are breathtakingly beautiful. The glass chamber comes in various shapes and colours and is often sealed with a cork or metal cap, creating a captivating piece of jewellery that holds both memories and art in its embrace.

    Custom URN Necklaces

    When you want to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece that speaks to the personality and interests of your loved one, custom urn necklaces are the perfect choice. Crafted to your specifications, these unique pieces can be made from a variety of materials, including precious metals, wood, and more, making them a personal tribute that reflects your deepest emotions.

    How to Choose the Perfect URN Necklace

    Choosing an urn necklace is a personal and emotional decision. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect one:

    • Material

    Consider the material of the urn necklace, as it can affect the durability, appearance, and symbolism of the piece. Common materials include sterling silver, stainless steel, gold, wood, and glass.

    • Design

    Think about the design that resonates with you and the memory of your loved one. Consider the shape, style, and symbolism of the pendant or locket, as well as any engravings or gemstones that can add personalization.

    • Size

    Consider the size of the urn necklace and how it will look when worn. Pendant and locket urn necklaces come in various sizes, so choose one that fits your comfort and style preferences.

    Our Top Recommendations

    We have scoured the market to bring you our top picks for urn necklaces. These urn necklaces are not just beautiful but, they are a meaningful way to keep your loved one’s memory close to your heart.

    Urn Necklace With Cremains

    Handcrafted from solid sterling silver with a stunning 12mm round crown prong bezel, this artistically designed and professionally crafted necklace holds within it a special part of your pet that you will always cherish. The 18 sterling silver chain allows you to easily wear this heartfelt reminder right next to your heart. Whether at home or out and about, you can keep these memories alive with urn necklaces a lovely accessory for any occasion.

    Lotus Flower Urn Necklace

    This classic handmade necklace is designed with a stunning lotus flower urn motif, crafted from luxurious copper, gold and silver materials. Its radiant quality makes it the perfect accessory for any special occasion. With its 23 length and lobster claw closure, you will be able to comfortably wear this unique piece all day long. It features an intricate snake-style chain that is sure to lend an extra touch of sophistication wherever you go.

    Steel Keepsake Memorial Urn Necklace

    The pendant is adorned with an intricate cross design, making it the perfect way to memorialize a beloved family member or friend. It hangs gracefully from a 16″ (with an additional 2″ extension chain) stainless steel necklace that is sure to last for years to come. With its versatile style, the necklace can be dressed up or dressed down and worn with virtually any outfit.

    Gold Cross Pendant Keepsake Urn Necklace

    This elegant and beautiful piece of jewellery is perfect to honour a lost loved one or simply show that special someone in your life how much you care. Made from strong and durable titanium steel, this necklace comes in gold, silver and black colours so you can choose the hue that best fits your style.

    The pendant itself is a powerful cross shape measuring 3.7*2.0cm and it hangs from a 50cm chain so it will always be close to your heart. Plus, it has an openable design which means you can unscrew it to store any mementoes you may want. This could include cremated ash, crushed flowers, perfume or essential oils anything that will make this special piece even more meaningful to you or someone else

    Urn Necklace For Ashes

    Crafted with titanium steel, these delicate pendants can hold cremated ashes, crushed flowers, perfume, or any other tiny object that is meaningful to you. Opening and closing easily with a screw top closure, these necklaces make it easy for you to take your keepsake on all your journeys. The length of the chain is 50cm and perfect for wearing every day.

    You have the option to either purchase it as is or get creative by interchanging various elements creating entirely unique looks for everyday wear.

    Cross Pendant Forever In My Heart Urn Necklace

    Crafted with strong 316 stainless steel that promises durability so the memory will last for years ahead. The classic finish also makes it comfortable and suitable for everyday wear, making sure your special one stays close to your heart forever.

    This urn necklace also allows for customised designs, so you can make sure that each one perfectly reflects your beloved. And if you are looking for the perfect gift, this simple but elegant piece has opened a new way to cherish the memory of someone who had left an unforgettable impact on those around them. From flowers, locks of hair or precious dirt from their resting place, these items stay safely secured within the confines of their urn necklace.

    All in all, urn necklaces have been around for centuries, yet they still manage to look just as elegant and timeless as ever. Whether you are looking for an extra meaningful way to remember your loved one or want a piece of jewellery that is truly one of a kind a beautiful urn necklace could be a perfect choice. Plus, you can decide between traditional ideas and trendy new designs.

    With an endless array of materials, shapes, sizes and embellishments available, you are sure to find something that speaks to you and can serve as a subtle reminder of forever memories. Above all else though, these necklaces are an everlasting symbol of love guarding the most sacred parts of someone’s spirit in every sense.

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